The Three Things Deciding Your Professional Future

positioning professional reputation self-leadership Apr 29, 2020

Sometimes you can feel the gravity when you meet people who you know will play a significant role in your career. I met one of them back in the summer of 2010, and I can still recall the conversation. He asked me if I knew how I was perceived by others, and if I had an idea of my professional reputation. 

One of the most important investments of my life

A decade later, I have had the pleasure of having him analyze my professional reputation three times, and I am also teaming up with him to help other professionals learn and advance in their own careers based upon their learning and insights.  

Per Frykman is a well-established author and a pioneer in the area of professional reputation management. Over the years, he has inspired thousands and he has been of service to countless professionals who learn about their true professional assets and potential from his unique work. 

I hope you will join me in this special webinar where I am interviewing Per on the key trends in reputation management and what we should consider zooming in on to excel in our own careers. You should expect new perspectives and an insight or two to build upon...

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