The Analog Brain in the Digital Workplace

learning motivation self-leadership May 12, 2020

There are courses, and there are COURSES. The most memorable courses are packed with aha-moments and insights you can bring directly into your daily (work)life with a profound impact on your well-being. In the spring of 2019, I attended the first course with author and keynote speaker, Anna Tebelius Bodin. Her teaching on the topic of the brain, learning, and motivation was very intriguing and inspirational. She was the first person who managed to share complex brain-related topics in a fairly simple way, and in a way that was possible to continue to explore on my own.  

When the pieces fall into place

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending her latest course on the topic of our analog brain in the digital workplace. I just knew that I wanted more people to gain similar insights the way I did, so I am delighted to have the opportunity to interview Anna on this very topic. I hope you will join us by signing up for one of the May 18 events below! Bring your pen and paper and take your chance to ask your question directly to Anna at the end of the webinar. 

Anna Tebelius Bodin has a Master's Degree from Harvard University where she also assisted brain scientists. She has written several books and is a renowned keynote speaker and course facilitator.

View the webinar here.

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