Perfect timing to launch a Portfolio Career

career opportunities self-leadership Oct 22, 2020

Every week I meet professionals who are considering launching a portfolio career as a response to the challenges and high degree of uncertainty in the current job market. You might have stumbled upon this term even if you find yourself pursuing a more traditional career within corporate. When pursuing a portfolio career, you are combining multiple streams of income instead of one income stream through one contract of employment only. This could include interim job positions, freelancing assignments, board positions, and studies fully or partly in parallel.

Are you, or someone you care about, thinking about assuming a portfolio career?

For portfolio careerists, there are no traditional career paths. Each professional assumes different roles in unique ways, and they totally rely on their professional reputation and positioning efforts to establish themselves as leaders and professionals in demand. There is no doubt, that an increasing number of employers want to capitalize on the unique profile and skills set by professionals in this way. In times of crisis and a high degree of uncertainty, many employers will look for a more flexible workforce with specific skills and capabilities to contribute to short-term solutions. Often, these solutions may turn into longer-term opportunities.

To the professionals, there are several advantages of going in this direction: More control of work-life balance decisions, diverse skills development, additional cash flow, pursue of professional passion, and a diverse network. There are also obvious downsides to the portfolio career opportunity as well, such as variations in workload, lack of benefits, and challenges to clear advancements.

10 years ago, I left corporate to start building my own portfolio career, and my key takeaway is that my intrinsic motivational factors; mastery, flexibility, and contribution; have been instrumental in bringing new energy and joy into my own career. Now, I’m looking for other professionals who might be considering a similar transition and who would like to learn more about the DOs and DON’Ts when kicking it off.

If this is interesting to you or someone you care about, feel free to click here to learn more about this learning event coming up shortly!

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