Package Your Expertise - How to deliver your services online

expansion online delivery productifying services Apr 13, 2020

You might be a small business owner yourself, you might consider becoming one, or you might know small business owners in your community. Given the extraordinary times we are experiencing, I want to share something that I believe might be of value to small business owners now facing difficulties in delivering their services as consultants, coaches or trainers.

The big game-changer is about selling more than your time

I started delivering my own services online back in 2010, and this decade has offered significant experiences in what works...and what does not work in this space. This is why I really want this webinar event to focus on my key insights and learnings on what is adding value and can be delivered online. I will also include my 5 best tips on how to get started with packaging your expertise, as well as my rolodex of supportive and affordable tools to make it happen quickly and in co-creation mode with the market. 

I hope you will join me in this special webinar to add to the flexible offering portfolio for yourself or someone else you care about. 

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