Making sense of your mind and brain upon those bold decisions

coaching motivation self-leadership Feb 18, 2021

During the last 11 months, I have met numerous professionals making bold, professional decisions. The pandemic has forced many of us to question ourselves about what we do for a living and why. A significantly higher proportion of the people I support has decided to do something very different from their previously expected career path. 

Sometimes it takes one insight only.

There is no surprise in us seeking clarity and purpose when we face a crisis, feel overwhelmed, lack motivation, and experience uncertainty about our future. Now I see more value-driven decisions, more courage, and new clarity. It boils down to how we understand and are able to make sense of how our mind and brain actually work and that we take action from that.  

Sometimes it takes one program.
Sometimes it takes one session.
Sometimes it takes one insight.

The common denominators for successful coaching are authentic conversation, intriguing exploration, and action-taking as a result. And yes, it still takes two to tango.

Since I love working with bold professionals, I’m opening up a few single sessions to allow more professionals to explore this option more in detail. As you are a valued recipient of my newsletter, I’m including a special coupon code, Q1SPECIAL, valid until March 31st. 

Feel free to use it yourself or share it with someone else you think would benefit from this opportunity. As of today, there are still 9 discounted single-session slots available. Click here to learn more and share if relevant… I can't wait to see where the exploration will bring us!

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