Four insights and a no-go by end of the year

motivation reflection three principles Dec 31, 2020

Time has come to conclude this year, and I want to share my own list of findings from countless conversations with professionals like yourself during this exceptional year: 

Yes, we are adaptable creatures

First, when we are facing the implications of the pandemic, many people seem highly willing to change their careers in a totally different direction, in some cases dramatically so, reviving an old calling or testing the waters in a new role or new industry.  

Second, when we spend time reflecting on our values and motivational drivers, we equip ourselves for those bold decisions. What is important to us and why triggers us to move ahead and increase our own radar for new opportunities. 

Third, when we spend more time in web meetings and on the phone, we are quite adaptable and willing to test new ways of interacting beyond transferring our old offline behavior onto our new online behavior.  

Fourth, when we slow down and spend less time commuting and traveling in general, we truly see why we appreciate the people in our lives, both professionally and privately. Outdoor walk ‘n talks are great for meaningful conversations, and unscheduled phone calls are appreciated more than ever. Remember the time when we didn’t agree or schedule our calls in advance? Asynchronous verbal and written sharing are valued as treasures.  

Finally, my big NO-GO during exceptional times is to overthink it too much. There is no way I or anyone else can control the implications of the pandemic. What we can do is to stay informed, make our precautions, and remain in beta testing mode for decisions about our careers and lives in general.  

I wish you and the most precious people in your life all the best for 2021 – stay safe and make a note of your own findings. 

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