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clarity hot seat masterminding Jun 19, 2020

Are you, like me, procrastinating on some of the really important decisions in your career or business? Do you sometimes feel stuck, telling yourself "it's too late", "it's too early", or "it's not for me"? Are you unconsciously holding yourself back because of limiting beliefs?

Probably the most effective and affordable method available

We all have limiting beliefs! Unless addressed and challenged, we are likely to miss out on significant opportunities in our professional lives. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the effectiveness, resourcefulness, and affordability of Masterminding groups to become braver and make those key decisions.

In fact, some of the most distinct, important, and bold decisions in my career and role as a small business owner,  have emerged from participating in facilitator-led masterminding sessions. With the support of the facilitator and other participants, I have gained clarity, insights, and resources to catapult myself into my next big thing. I benefited from this when making bold decisions about taking on new leadership roles with more responsibility, or when building and discontinuing my own businesses. The brave part is about taking on the Hot Seat challenge to initiate the snowball effect...the rest is a great learning and sharing experience...

Masterminding is an affordable solution to gain access to group synergies. If this topic is relevant to you or someone you care about, feel free to watch the video and associated Hot Seat Challenge and learn more via the link.

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