Employer Branding in Times of Corona

crisis employer branding talent management Jun 27, 2020

I have always been fascinated by how successful organizations are in attracting, developing, and retaining talent to match the requirements long term. 

It might not be part of your job title, but as a formal or informal leader, I am sure you are engaged in one or more Employer Branding activities. 

So, when the crisis occurs and continues beyond yearly plans, what is the right strategy: Should we proactively communicate or does it make sense to cave until there is more certainty allowing us to manage according to plans? 

I am delighted to invite you to this webinar to learn from renowned Author and Keynote Speaker on Employer Branding topics, Anna Dyhre. Anna has written three books on this topic, and her most recent book won the Marketing Book of the Year in 2018 (Sweden).   

Anna is not only sharing her experience and trend spotting in her books, but she is also giving inspiring speeches and facilitating panel discussions on Employer Branding topics IRL as well as virtually. She is well known for mixing facts with humor, and you should be expecting nothing less this time. Bring your pen and paper for reflections and insights on how to communicate Employer Branding initiatives effectively in times of crisis!

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