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Which questions you need to reflect about upon your Hot Seat session

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How to phrase your challenge in a way that facilitates the support and recommendations during the session

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How to create your action plan based on your Hot Seat session outcomes

Are you ready to get unstuck in your career or business challenge?

I am now offering you an opportunity to participate in a 15-minute webinar on how to best prepare for an upcoming Masterminding Hot Seat session.

When I’m looking to make important decision in my career or business, I often involve a coach in a Masterminding setting to build courage, get access to resources and fuel my own development. The Masterminding setting is highly effective as we get support in narrowing in on our problem or challenge, especially when we are procrastinating without understanding why.                                    

In a Masterminding setting, we get help in understanding the real reasons to our procrastination and what we can do to overcome it and make progress. The Masterminding facilitator ensures we face powerful questions, adds new perspectives, gives recommendations and helps outline an action plan. And it doesn’t have to take more than 30 minutes…

As a coach and Masterminding facilitator, I work with brave professionals, people who are looking to make important decisions about their career or business, now facing problems or challenges in making progress. 

Are you brave enough to test it yourself? I look forward to giving you the opportunity to reflect about how you can prepare yourself the best way to make the most out of your Masterminding Hot Seat! Bring pen and paper, and a cup of coffee...


Katy Caroan


"Excellent coaching skills allow Katy to perform miracles with a management team as she inspires her clients to game-changing decisions and business repositioning.”  

- The tagline is based upon responses from 13 clients and business partners, analyzed anonymously by Per Frykman/Reputation Mastery, in August 2019. 


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