Staying In Demand As A Leader In The Digital Age

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Get distinctive about your contribution as a leader and manage your professional assets


Learn How To

Build on your innovative skills to add value to key initiatives through resourcefulness and inspiration

Learn How To

Attract the right business opportunities / gigs by positioning yourself effectively online as well as offline

How to remain high in demand as a leader

Join the 20-minute webinar to learn 3 strategies to land the business opportunities and gigs you deserve!

After working with formal and informal leaders for more than two decades, I have seen some patterns in what makes some of them stand out and frequently attract challenges allowing them to leverage their potential more fully. I often hear people expressing that they feel overwhelmed with new trends, new skills requirements and uncertainty about their own role in the new, gig-influenced job market. 

This is why I decided to offer a short, 20-minute coffee break webinar to address some of the key mind traps and associated strategies to help unlock the potential for more professionals. 

Bring your pen and paper...and your cup of coffee!


Katy Caroan

"Excellent coaching skills allow Katy to perform miracles with a management team as she inspires her clients to game-changing decisions and business repositioning.”  

- The tagline above is based upon the responses from 13 clients and partners responding to a series of questions anonymously in August 2019.

The analysis was conducted by Per Frykman

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