Unlearning is the new black...

small business owner starting a business unlearning Apr 07, 2021

Triggered by the pandemic or not, the clear trend among professionals I meet when being of service to others in career transition is to consider starting their own business instead of pursuing another traditional job. They see many benefits to this, although they acknowledge the associated risks. In parallel, traditional companies and employers are increasingly looking to manage a flexible workforce. A relatively significant proportion of the people engaged are contractors, freelancers, and other types of temporary workforce categories compared to just a few years ago. 

What I wish I knew during my first three years as a business owner

When professionals make the bold move to start their own business, they often face a long list of challenges related to their marketing, selling, delivery, and administrative capabilities. As the business models, degree of digitalization, and market uncertainty are changing faster than ever; they need to unlearn many traditional “truths” about running a business. Marketing and sales are not what they used to be, nor are delivery and administration. Unlearning becomes essential to becoming successful as a small business owner. It is painful to unlearn as we have invested a lot in our previous capabilities. It is, however, crucial to making the business successful in the future.

Most professionals I meet have similar questions about starting and elevating their businesses. Hence, I have decided to share some of my key lessons learned from unlearning as a small business owner myself. The webinar invites below offer an opportunity to learn more about what I wished I knew during my first three years as a small business owner and what I needed to unlearn. You are welcome to join or share the invite with someone you think could benefit from the topic!

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